If you are looking for a place to live in Oregon, you may want to look into Aloha. This unincorporated community is located in Washington County, ten miles west of Portland. As of the 2020 Census, the population was 53,828. The area is home to many companies and institutions, including a number of reputable universities.

The Aloha community has a great community library, which is staffed by volunteers. The library focuses on reading and learning in a multi-lingual setting. Visitors will also find that Aloha is home to Harvey the Rabbit, a fiberglass statue located outside Harvey Marine, a boat repair shop.

While Aloha is not an incorporated city, it has a vibrant business community. The city is located in Washington County and is only 10 miles west of downtown Portland. With affordable housing and plenty of jobs, Aloha is a popular commuter community. Located between the neighboring cities of Beaverton and Hillsboro, Aloha offers both a city-like feel and plenty of room for recreation.

This well-developed suburb of Portland is close to many recreational activities. Its name, Aloha, is derived from the Hawaiian word for peace. The community is known for its active lifestyle and natural beauty. It has no incorporated city, but residents enjoy the peaceful environment and close proximity to the metro area.

The climate in Aloha is mild and pleasant, with temperatures rarely dropping below twenty-five degrees. While winters are often chilly, summers are mild and sunny. There is also an eleven-month rainy period. The only time the area is rain-free is mid-July to mid-August. The area receives less than three inches of snow each year.

The rainy season in Aloha is a little different than the dry season. It lasts 3.3 months, with a high of forty-eight degrees and a low of thirty-three degrees. However, December is the coldest month, with an average high of thirty-five degrees and an average low of thirty-five degrees.

The perceived humidity level in Aloha is not very variable year-round. The perceived humidity level is almost always zero. The average wind speed in Aloha is measured at ten meters above the ground. The wind speed experienced at any given location depends on the local topography and varies more than the average speed.

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The post office in Aloha was first established on January 8, 1912. It was named after a small resort in Wisconsin. The name was changed to Aloha when Julius Buck, the Post Office Department, decided to name the office after a small lakeside resort. Aloha is Hawaiian for “hello” and “goodbye.”

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