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Beaverton Oregon

Beaverton Oregon is one of the Areas we serve and is a place of thriving communities that surround our Tigard OR town. The city of Beaverton got its name from the Native Americans that once occupied the area.

The established a village along the creeks and called the village, Chakeipi which meant “a place for the beaver”.  The early settlers of this area named it Beaverdam and it was later changed to Beaverton.

In 1868 a railroad was built and the rich land gave way to farming.

Hillsboro Oregon

Hillsboro neighbors Tigard OR and is the fifth-largest city in Oregon.  Hillsboro, like Tigard, lies in the Tualatin Valley and rests in Washington County.

The city has over 100,00 residents and is one of the state’s most diverse populations. There are over 1,500 acres of protected green space that include the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve.

The city has 28 parks, a stadium, fairgrounds, and the Civic Center Plaza. Downtown Hillsboro is historic and its neighborhood known as Orenco Station

Lake Oswego Oregon

Lake Oswego is a beautiful city just east of Tigard Oregon. It’s beauty and charm are well sought after as one of the best places to live in Oregon.

The history of Lake Oswego is rich.  American Indians occupied the area for thousands of years.  Distinctive stone projectile points, identified as Cascadia-type, were a mark of their technology.  

Tualatin Oregon

Our Neighbor Tualatin, a Town Near Tigard.  Tualatin Oregon is located in our Washington County and is a neighbor to our Tigard community located just south of us. Many of our patients reside in this lovely town.

At the time of the last U.S census, the population was 26,054, but the city is growing everyday as its natural beauty intrigues new residents.

King City Oregon

Tigard Oregon has some pretty interesting neighbors.  On the southern border of Tigard Oregon is the little city with a big name, King City.

The city was given the name of King City by the Tualatin Development Company, Inc. and uses royalty names for the city’s streets as it main theme.

The population as of the 2010 census was just over 3,000 and most of the population is over 55.  Subsequently, there are many 55 and older community neighborhoods in the city.

Tigard Oregon

Tigard Oregon is known as one of the most livable cities in the State of Oregon.  The city first incorporated back in 1061.  It is a family-oriented community that is not only desirable to live in but is also one of the more affordable cities in the Portland metro area. Tigard is located just minutes from downtown Portland Oregon.