Average Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening

The average cost of professional teeth whitening varies by area and dentist, but it’s typically around $300 per arch. This does not include any additional procedures, which can run into the hundreds of dollars. If you’re interested in improving the look of your teeth and increasing your confidence, you should shop around for a dentist in your area. A whitening treatment can help you achieve the bright smile of your dreams, and you can even use it to improve your self-esteem and your confidence.

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The average cost of professional teeth whitening is around $650 per visit. This is not as high as some people think. A take-home solution costs under $100. However, a custom-fitted tray can cost over $400. An in-office procedure may cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per tooth. Although you can purchase over-the-counter teeth whitening trays for under $100, the average price of a teeth-whitening procedure can top $1,200.

The cost of professional teeth whitening at a dental clinic can range from $600 to $3,500. However, the procedure can last for several years. For example, if you have a lot of discoloration, the dentist may recommend a deep bleaching treatment, which involves polishing your teeth with a pumice powder before applying the whitening solution. The procedure is an hour long, but can be as expensive as $4,000.

A take-home whitening kit is available at some dentists for as low as $100. If you prefer a more affordable alternative, you can go in for a custom-fitted trays, which will cost approximately $400. The average cost of in-office teeth whitening is $650 per tooth, but the actual cost can range up to $1,500. You may also be able to choose between in-office and at-home treatments, but the costs are higher in the latter.

In-office teeth whitening is typically an hour long procedure. However, some dentists offer take-home kits. They can cost from $300 to $3,500. The take-home kits may also take longer to work, but some people find them more convenient. The kit requires a mold, which may be costly. It is important to follow instructions carefully. If you have severe stains, you should also consider deep bleaching, which involves polishing your teeth with pumice powder.  Explore more

In-office whitening can provide noticeable results within a couple of visits. The procedure requires two to three hours and will cost about $1200. At-home kits can be purchased online and can be used at home. A take-home whitening kit will take up to a month to achieve the desired results. During the treatment, the dentist will apply a special whitening solution to your teeth. The process may take a few days or a few weeks.