Dental Emergency

Have a dental emergency? Dental pain is very difficult to deal with and there is no reason to suffer.

We can help you with your dental emergency

A dental emergency can arise at the most inconvenient times and we are here to help! If you have a defective restoration that came loose, broken tooth, or pain, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help!

There are many things that can cause the need for a dental emergency such as, chipped or broken tooth, a tooth getting knocked out, lost filling, lost crown, abscess just to name the most common. Do not suffer, call us and let us get you out of pain and on the road to a quick recovery.

Our goal is to relieve the pain

We ask that if you chip a tooth or have one knocked out, try and save the remains of the tooth and we will advise you on what to do until you can get into the office.

We will do everything in our power to rearrange our schedule to accommodate any dental emergency.

Our goal is to elevate the pain and then work to treat the source of the pain. 

dental emergency

No one should suffer from dental pain for any longer than necessary. Do not think that you can just live with it or that it will go away. Dental pain is an indication that there is something wrong and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

We Are Here For You When You Have a Dental Emergency

The signs That You May Need to Be Seen for a Dental Emergency

Severe Pain

is often a sign of an infection and in this case, you may require antibiotics in addition to pain medication


an accident that has injured your mouth or your jaw is a reason to see us immediately

Tooth Loss

save the tooth, as it is possible we can save it if you get to us in time

Excessive Bleeding in the Mouth

there can be many causes including but not limited to gum disease and should warrant a call

Puss or Infection

this could be caused by periodontal disease or periapical abscess. Do not ignore this type of dental problem because the risk of spreading infection to other parts of the body

What to Do During a Dental Emergency


If you have ever had a dental emergency you know how stressful it can be. If your emergency occurs when your dentist is unavailable it can be even more stressful. Whether your emergency occurs over a weekend or your dentist is off to a dental convention, a dental emergency can be hard to manage on your own. We would like to offer some helpful advice that will help you cope with emergencies should they come up.


Of course, the best way to cope with potential emergencies is to avoid them in the first place. The most common emergency is pain or swelling from an infected tooth. In most cases, this does not occur suddenly but rather going untreated over time. Typically a person will have some degree of discomfort overtime before they start to experience severe pain and are in need of emergency dental care. So the best advice is to visit your dentist at the first sign of any pain or discomfort in your teeth or gums.

What to Do if You Have a Dental Emergency


When you do have one of these emergencies and your dentist is unavailable, there are several things that can help. Pain in the teeth or gums can be effectively handled with over-the-counter pain relievers such as Advil or Tylenol. Rinsing with warm salt water is also very effective and can give temporary relief to puffy or swollen cheeks and gums. Mix a teaspoon of salt into an eight-ounce glass of warm water. A store-bought product such as Orajel also can be effective in relieving minor soreness of the gums.


If you are facing a broken tooth, use wax or even some soft chewing gum to cover the sharp edge until your dentist can see you.

Hopefully, you will at least be able to reach your dentist over the phone for advice about your emergency. They can phone into the pharmacy for any pain medication or antibiotics that may be necessary to get you through until you can be seen.

If your dentist is going to be out of the office for a few days, they should have another dentist that can see you and treat your dental emergency.

Our dentist is here for you or any member of your family when a dental emergency occurs, so please give us a call and we will be there for you with compassion and professional help. Learn more about what constitutes a dental emergency.