Dental Extraction Procedure

Dental extraction can be necessary when there is diesease, trama or over crowning of the teeth.

dentsal extraction

Dental Extraction Procedure

Dental extraction; we hope you never need one, but if you do, you will be in very capable and comforting hands. Before we perform a tooth removsal, it will be important to advise our team of any medications you are taking or if you might be scheduled for any other medical treatment.

Tooth Removal

Easy to extract

Apply ice bag if needed

Visit us in case of emergency

What is Dental Extraction

This procedure requires removing a tooth from the mouth. Tooth removal can be necessary when there has been trauma, disease or crowding of the teeth.

Dental Extraction Procedure


If we determine that you will require a tooth removal, it will be important to advise our team of any medications you are taking or if you might be scheduled for any other medical treatment.

We will also need to know if you suffer from any of these conditions;

  • a congenital heart defect
  • diabetes
  • liver disease
  • thyroid disease
  • renal disease
  • hypertension
  • an artificial joint
  • damaged heart valves

We may want to make sure that any medical conditions are stable or treated before we perform this procedure.


In some cases, it will be necessary to prescribe antibiotics in the days leading up to this dental procedure.

Dental Extraction Procedure


After any tooth extraction, it should be known that in almost all cases, there will be a small amount of bleeding. Dr. Weinberg or Dr. Nguyen will advise you of your post-dental extraction care plan. It will be very important to follow all post-care instructions.

Here Are A Few Things to Remember That Will Help With Recovery:

  • Avoid anything that might prevent normal healing.
  • Don’t smoke or rinse your mouth vigorously.
  • Avoid drinking through a straw for 24 hours.
  • Follow the diet we suggest.

The first few days will be critical and if you must rinse your mouth, do it very gently. If you should experience swelling due to the procedure, apply an ice bag and reach out to us.  You can brush and floss the other teeth but stay away from the surgical site and the surrounding teeth. Our dentist will schedule you for a post-operative examination to make sure that the healing is progressing without infection or other issues.