Dental Mouth Guard

A dental mouth guard protects your teeth from night griding.

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Dental Mouth Guard

A dental mouth guard has helped many of our patients who grind their teeth in the night. People who grind and clench their teeth can have up to 80 times the normal tooth wear.


dental mouth guard

reduce problems in sleeping

damage dental restorations

Studies have shown

Studies have shown that people who grind and clench their teeth can have up to 80 times the normal tooth wear per day compared to those who do not suffer from bruxism.

Dental Guard


This easy to use device is useful to people who grind or clench their teeth. They may wake up with a headache, earache or toothache. Their facial muscles may be sore and the jaw joints tender.

Besides causing discomfort, grinding can eventually damage dental restorations and may loosen teeth.


This condition is known as bruxism.  Bruxism can also cause damage to the temporomandibular joints—the joints on each side of the mouth that connects the lower jaw to the skull.

The pressure from clenching and grinding can cause cracks or fractures in the teeth. As the tooth enamel is worn away, the underlying layer of dentin may be exposed. This causes the tooth to become sensitive to temperature changes and pressure

Get a Perfect Fit


Although the causes of bruxism are not really known, several factors may be involved. Stress, problems in sleeping, an abnormal bite, and crooked or missing teeth may contribute.


For this issue, we highly recommend that you be fitted for a nightguard.  It will be custom-made to fit your teeth.  It is made from a soft material and it slips over the teeth in one jaw and prevents direct contact with opposing teeth. The night guard relieves some of the pressure of grinding and clenching and can greatly reduce the harm that bruxism can cause.

If you think that a dental mouth guard is right for you, then contact us at TruDentistry of Tigard.