Dental Tips To Get You Through Life With Healthy Teeth

dental tips for healthy teethOur Dental Tips For Healthy Teeth 


The first of our dental tips for healthy teeth is of course flossing.  Many people just do not want to be bothered with it.  However, the effectiveness of flossing is huge. When you just brush, you are leaving 35% of the teethes surface uncleaned. Floss daily to prevent tooth decay along with brushing.


Apples are so good for your teeth. Did you know that apples can help remove food stuck in the teeth? Apples actually help clean your teeth, so eat apples. They also have other positive health benefits.

Oranges and Orange Juice

Oranges and orange juice are a great source of vitamin C and that is very good for your overall health, however, oranges are very acidic and may cause damage to the enamel of your teeth if consumed in too high amounts.


One of the best sources for a healthy smile is pears. This fruit has more acid-neutralizing effects on your teeth than many other types of fruit. And that is a good thing since acid is a bad thing for your teeth.


The fibrous strands in celery provide very natural teeth cleaning process.


The anti-oxidants in strawberries actually help to whiten your teeth.

Milk and Dairy

The really cool thing about milk and dairy products is that they are rich in calcium. Calcium is really good for your teeth. Think about having a cup of milk every day.


Salvia helps to keep your breath fresh. It washes away decaying food in your mouth. When your mouth gets dry, your breath can go bad. Drinking water will help restore your breath from bad to good. Also when you sleep, your saliva will diminish. Help by having a glass of water before you go to bed.

Capping The Brush

It is not a good idea to put a cap on your toothbrush. The trapped moister will cause bacteria growth.

Mouth Rinse

If you use a mouth rinse, make sure it contains fluoride. Fluoride is very helpful in preventing tooth decay.


A soft brush is much easier on your tooth’s enamel. It is important to replace your toothbrush at least every two to three months. You will also want to replace your toothbrush if you should get sick as those germs can linger in your toothbrush.

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