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From The Dentist; Dental Treatment Durning Pregnancy

Dental Visits And Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

Many mothers-to-be often have questions about the safety of dental treatment during pregnancy. Here are some important facts to be aware of before, during and after your pregnancy.

pregnantSee Your Dentist Before Pregnancy

If you are planning on getting pregnant this is the perfect time to see your dentist. By having your gums examined and by having a professional cleaning before getting pregnant, your dentist can identify any problems that you might have, allowing the opportunity for treatment before the pregnancy.

See Your Dentist During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there is a naturally occurring rise in hormone levels which can often times cause the gums to swell and even bleed. This swelling of the gums can also work to better trap food between the teeth and gums thus causing irritation and decay. Gum disease and other infections in the mouth have been linked to pregnancy. Also, there is much research out there that indicates bacteria that will cause the inflammation to your gums can find a way to the bloodstream and right into the fetus. When this occurs, it can lead to premature labor and low birth weight. So these are very good reasons to also visit your dentist during your pregnancy.

Dental Emergency During Pregnancy

Any sort of elective or cosmetic dentistry should be avoided until after your pregnancy but in the case of an emergency dental procedure, it is important to know that the type of local anesthesia that your dentist uses will be safe for your baby. In emergency dental procedures, an x-ray will be necessary. This is also safe as long as there is abdominal shielding.

If at all possible, emergency dental procedures are best performed in the second trimester rather than the first due to the fact that fetus organs are just beginning their development.

If emergency dental treatment is necessary, you will more than likely have the need for antibiotics such as penicillin, amoxicillin or clindamycin. The FDA categorizes drugs by A, B, C, D, and X as they relate to the safety of a drug during pregnancy. A and B are considered safe for pregnant women according to the FDA. These antibiotics prescribed by dentists fall into category B.

Eating For Oral Health During Pregnancy

Baby’s first teeth begin to develop approximately three months into the pregnancy. A mother’s healthy diet is so important to the developing fetus. Foods like cheese, yogurt, and milk are wonderful sources essential minerals for the development of baby’s bones, teeth, and gums.

All through the temptation for sugary snacks can be brought on by pregnancy cravings, try to avoid them. Sugar, of course, will increase your chances of forming tooth decay and there are studies that indicate that the bacteria that cause tooth decay can be passed down to the child through the bloodstream.

See Your Dentist After Pregnancy

As it is possible to develop gum problems during pregnancy so dental treatment during pregnancy is a very good idea.  Be sure to see your dentist after you have delivered to get a clean bill of health. You will also want to bring your baby to the dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts.

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