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Family Dentistry

Our Dental Clinic Offers Family Dental Services, Family Dentistry

Our Tigard dental office was designed with a whole family approach. We offer dental services for all
ages because, at different stages of one’s life, their dental needs change. We see children as soon
as their first tooth erupts, and we have patients who are senior citizens. All have different
We do recommend that children see the dentist as soon as their baby teeth start to come
in. There are risks associated with a baby’s first teeth coming in. Risks of decay and or
discoloration that could have negative effects as the child gets older. We as dentists like to keep a
close watch on children in the early stages of development.

Dental Sealants Can Reduce Cavity Risk in Children by up to 80%

We offer dental sealant treatment, and we also recommend that our young patients have this
procedure to ensure good oral health. There is no pain associated with this treatment and it only
takes a few minutes to administer the dental sealant treatment. They go a long way in preventing
For this very easy procedure, we will use a tooth-colored coating. The material
seals deep into all the groves of the teeth it is applied to. The most common treatment is to the
molars where the most chewing takes place, thus protecting the tooth enamel. It acts as a barrier
that protects young teeth from plaque and harmful bacteria. Dental sealants will last for several
years before they start to wear down.

Mouth Guard – Custom Fit Relieves Pressure from Grinding Teeth

Studies have shown that people who grind their teeth, mostly while they sleep, are wearing down
their teeth about 80% more than those that don’t. The causes for this issue can be linked to stress,
crooked teeth, or an uneven bite.
There is an easy fix to this condition. We at TruDentistry of Tigard can custom fit you with a
mouthguard. This is just a matter of obtaining a scan of your teeth and our dental lab will structure the mouthguard to fit your mouth perfectly.

The custom fit guard is manufactured with a soft, pliable material that fits over the teeth of one
jaw which then acts as a soft barrier when the top and bottom teeth touch. This relieves the
pressure from the teeth grinding together which will greatly reduce the harm that clenching and
grinding will do to your teeth.

Oral Cancer Screening – VELScope VX Gives Dentists a Clear View of Oral Health

Oral cancer is on the rise and once diagnosed, can advance quite rapidly. Screening for oral cancer is routine in our dental office. It is a simple scan that
takes no more than 2 minutes.
We use an instrument called VELScope VX. This is a blue light device that when activated in
your mouth, stirs up molecules that emit light of their own. The contrasting lights enhance the
value between normal and abnormal tissue. The VELScope VX gives us dentists a clear evaluation of the health of your oral mucosa.

Dental Bridges – The Perfect Solution for Missing Teeth

Our teeth support each other. However, when we have a missing tooth, the teeth surrounding the
missing one can suffer greatly from the loss of support. A dental bridge is designed to fill in where
the missing tooth is and by doing so, begin to support the other teeth as well.
There are many kinds of materials used to make a dental bridge. Some materials will show a
metal line at the gum line, and some bridges are made of materials that are not the strongest on
the market. At Trudentistry, we use only the very best materials when making dental bridges.
The strongest material used by dental labs is zirconia. Not only is zirconia strong, but it is also a
material that makes color matching easy.
It is important if you have lost a tooth, to fill the gap as soon as possible before other teeth have a
chance of shifting. And if you do need a bridge, make sure your dentist uses the best material to
avoid more problems down the road.
Family Dental Care – Visit Our Family Dental Clinic

Our family dental clinic is here for the entire family, from those who are just starting out in life
to those that have lived a lifetime. We offer dental services for the needs of all generations.
Family dental care along with updated, state of the art dental equipment, attention to comfort,
and the very best in dental materials is who we are. Our dental clinic family is here for your

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