Healthy Eating Advice From The Dentist

Healthy Eating Is Good For Your Teeth

healthy eating

The new year is here and most of us look to a resolution of better health and healthy eating is an important part of better health. As a dentist, it is my wish for you that you also make it a new years resolution to obtain better oral health as well. Healthy eating plays a significant role not only in your overall health but to your oral health as well.

Here are a few suggestions on foods to incorporate into your diet that will help keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Cheese is a good source of calcium, but it is also low in sugar and acid which contribute to tooth decay. A protein known as casein is found in milk and cheese products. This protein is incredibly effective in fortifying the tooth’s surface. A dental office will often prescribe a toothpaste that will actually re-mineralize the teeth. This paste is known as MI Paste. It is made from the protein, casein and is very helpful to patients who are prone to dental decay. Yogurt is also a very good choice as it also contains a high amount of casein.

Artificial sweeteners are not usually recommended for good overall health, however, when it comes to your teeth, there is an exception, a sugar replacement known as Xylitol. This is a sugar replacement that is found in many sugar-free gums. It becomes very helpful as it can prevent harmful bacteria found in plaque from turning into sugar.
Gum has the added benefit of removing plaque and bacteria from your mouth.

Sesame seed oil is very popular in Ayurvedic medicine. It can help to re-mineralize tooth enamel and when used as a rinse, it can be very effective in reducing plaque.

Fresh fruits and vegetables have always been a good option for good oral health. Their natural fiber stimulates the production of saliva. However, research has found that pears and celery are among the best choices. Pears are one of the best sources for a healthy mouth as the fruit has more acid-neutralizing effects on your teeth than many other types of fruit. Celery is a great choice as it breaks down into fibrous strands and provides very natural teeth cleaning process.

Sugar and acids can actually strip away the enamel of your teeth. Fluorinated water is also recommended in a good oral health diet. Fluoride will re-mineralize teeth and can actually reverse damage caused by sugar and acids. Water is the best beverage choice you can make.

Acid foods such as tomatoes and citrus should be consumed as a part of a larger meal that will neutralize their naturally occurring acids.

Of course, as always we recommend good teeth cleaning habits and regular check-ups with your dentist but what you put into your mouth makes a big difference so always be thinking about healthy eating.








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