How Long Do Dental Implants Take?

How Long do Dental Implants Take?

Typically, the process of a dental implant requires three to six months. The procedure requires two surgical procedures. In the first surgery, a titanium post is gently inserted into the bone socket where the missing tooth used to be. This surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. Recovery is quick, with little to no pain. A post is attached to the implant post with a special screw. After that, the patient will return to normal activities.

Once the dental implant has been installed, the patient will need time to heal. This process is known as osseointegration. During this time, a temporary crown is placed in the mouth. This is the same crown that will cover the artificial tooth once the healing process is complete. The temporary crown will be used while the permanent one is being prepared. The healing process will vary from patient to patient. Some patients are fast healers. Others experience a longer recovery time than others.

While the implant placement phase is the most important, the building phase of the restoration takes much longer. It may take three to six months for the jawbone to heal fully and support the artificial tooth. During this time, patients will be required to wear a temporary prosthesis, such as dentures, or a flipper, which is similar to an orthodontic retainer. Once the healing period is complete, the implant will be secured with an abutment (an attachment post that attaches the artificial tooth to the jawbone). More to read here.

The implant process can last for a couple of weeks. The first phase of the procedure is the actual placement of the implant. The surgeon will make an impression of the patient’s mouth, then place the artificial tooth on the jawbone. The dental implant should take anywhere from three to six months to fully integrate with the jaw bone. The second phase of the process involves the healing of the artificial tooth. However, it may take even longer if you have any other oral problems.

In the second stage, the jawbone will grow around the implant. The process can take anywhere from three to six months. The patient will be provided with a temporary prosthesis, like dentures, for three to six months. Once the jawbone has healed, the surgeon will attach a small post called an abutment to the root of the implant. The abutment will act as a strong anchor for the artificial tooth.

The process of a dental implant may take from three to nine months. This depends on the patient’s needs and his or her healing abilities. A bone graft may require several months to heal. A full dental implant is not permanent until the bone has completely integrated with the other teeth in the mouth. If it has already been attached, the process of healing can take several weeks. When the implant is fully attached, the entire process can take up to nine months. See What we do.