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Understanding An Impacted Wisdom Tooth


An impacted wisdom tooth is one that only partially grows through the gums.  At around the age of 17 to 21 the third molar will start to erupt making it the last tooth to appear. Often times there is no room left in the mouth and the tooth will become impacted. 

An impacted Wisdom tooth does not always come with pain and discomfort however an impacted tooth can lead to other problems. When a tooth is only partially erupted, the tooth can cause an opening in the gum. Food and other particles can accumulate and lead to a serious gum infection. Impacted teeth are also susceptible to tooth decay and can also push on other teeth causing teeth to shift.

This is why it is recommended to have wisdom teeth removed before the age of 21. The younger the better as the surrounding tissue and bone will heal much faster and the wisdom teeth will come out much easier.

Before removing the wisdom tooth we provide a local anesthetic. In some cases, we use a general anesthetic especially if we are removing more than one.  The recovery time is only a few days and can be managed with pain medication.

At one point in time, wisdom teeth were an important part of the human anatomy. But as we evolved into what we are today our jaws are smaller than early days of human existence. Now that we no longer need these teeth, that can cause many problems, it is best to remove them. 

If an impacted tooth is causing you any sensitivity, soreness, inflammation or pain, please visit us no matter what your age is. The sooner you get treatment the better.

 Persistent pain or infection is a clear sign that the that the tooth should be removed. Please call us and we will get you in as soon as possible.