Tigard dental intraoral scanner

Intraoral Scanner Benefits

Discovering the Benefits of Intraoral Scanners

New Breakthroughs in dental care are revolutionizing the way dentists can effectively treat their patients. Technology and intraoral scanner benefits are moving at a fast pace.   Intraoral scanners are replacing traditional dental impression techniques with advanced digital technology.

The scanner has the capability to capture 3D images with a simple, handheld device. These scans are providing highly detailed and very accurate images of the mouth, teeth, and gums which is providing enormous benefits for both the dental professional and patients alike.

Enhanced Patient Experience

No more messy and uncomfortable dental impressions that are extremely uncomfortable for patients. The intraoral scanners are gathering all the information necessary in achieving precise impressions quickly and effortlessly, eliminating the need for goopy trays that have traditionally been used for replicating what is in the mouth to achieve accurate dental treatments.




Accurate and Detailed Impressions

The technology utilizes advance optics and imaging resulting in digital 3D impressions that are far more accurate than ever before. The scanner provides digital models of teeth, gums, and all supporting structures of the mouth. The accuracy has never been higher than it is today with the intraoral scanner in helping our dentist create dental restorations, diagnosis dental issues and creating treatment plans.



Time Efficiency

It only takes a few minutes to capture a complete scan.  The scans can be sent digitally to the dental lab which reduces the time spent in making tradition dental impressions and eliminates any need for shipping and retakes when things are not so accurate. This also means less time in the dental chair.


Improved Communication and Collaboration

This new process makes for seamless communication with our patients as the digital images are instantly viewed on a large screen. This allows Dr. Nguyen the ability to show as she explains oral conditions to patients. This helps us tremendously with allowing patients to be more involved in their treatment plan. The collaboration between our dental lab and our dentists has been significantly improved as we are able to collaborate with highly accurate information and a quicker turn around time

Enhanced Treatment Planning

The digital impressions obtained through intraoral scanners provide valuable information for treatment planning. Dentists can manipulate the digital models to simulate different treatment outcomes, helping patients visualize the potential results. This interactive approach improves patient engagement and aids in making informed decisions about their dental care.

Customized Restorations

With the intraoral scanner, we are able to offer crowns, bridges and Invisalign. The results are stunning with optimal fit and aesthetics.

Digital Records and Tracking

Dr. Nguyen says, the records created by the intraoral digital scans can be easily stored and maintained so as to have efficient access for future refences.   We now have the ability to track a patient’s oral health as it may change over time. This allows us to track oral health changes over time which also will provide a way to compare the digital models. This gives us a much more comprehensive monitoring system and the ability to identify potential oral health issues early on.

The intraoral scanner benefits brought about by this  is significant improvements in offering better patient comfort, in a much faster time frame and with far more accuracy than ever before.