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Dramatic Improvements in Dental Care with Our Intraoral Scanner

The achievements in dental technology have advanced to all new heights in the last few years with the introduction of the intraoral scanner, and there is no end in sight to what technology will bring to dentistry moving forward. It has given the dentists who choose to invest and be educated in these advancements, an advantage because patients are seeing better results and feeling more confident than ever before in the outcome of their dental treatments.  

One such advancement is the use of an intraoral scanner, an instrument that is used to capture optical impressions. When this technology was first introduced, it dramatically improved the dentist’s ability for accuracy, it also created an environment for diversity in the dental profession.  

Before dentists had access to this technology, previous methods were nowhere near as accurate and had more flaws than perfections. Here’s why: 

  • A dental impression was time-consuming. It would take quite a bit of time to capture the correct dental impression and then mold it to a perfect fit in the patient’s mouth.
  • Some patients would feel uncomfortable with the traditional way we used to take impressions.  
intraoral scanner wond

Today we have better options. And here are some of the benefits of this breakthrough technology that we at TruDentistry of Tigard have invested in for the betterment of our practice. 

  • Safety: While the scanning is taking place, nothing harmful is being emitted. The process is completely free from any sort of radiation.
  • Accuracy: The scanner has the intelligence to produce and capture the exact shape and counter of the structure of your teeth which provides the dentist and the dental lab with extremely accurate impressions.
  • Time saver: The use of an intraoral scanner takes far less time than the old way of doing dental impressions. A patient no longer needed to be sitting in the dental chair for prolonged periods of time as the scanner is quick and efficient.

At TruDentistry of Tigard, we made the investment in not only the technology but also the training in the use of our new scanners. This technological breakthrough has allowed us to offer our patients the most accurate and efficient method of obtaining an impression of their mouths. The scanner uses the most advanced 3-D  video capture with total accuracy in the exact shape and exact contour of the teeth.  This enables us, the dentists, to provide the most accurate treatment possible.  

The procedure of digital mouth capture is a very simple process as the scanner records every detail of the impression as the dentists use the scanner wand to capture all the high-definition information in the most accurate way ever possible.  

One of the things that we like most of all about this technology is that we now can establish amazing communication with our patients like never before. With the large, eliminated screen, we can now show the patient exactly what we are looking at and even what the end results will be. This has improved our communication with our patients, and they feel more involved and understand their treatment plans in far greater detail. 

With this technology readily available in our dental office, we have greatly enriched the relationship with our patients as they can see that they are receiving the most accurate and state-of-the-art treatment available in dentistry today. Not only is the patient more involved in the procedure, but it also allows us to communicate with the patient in a way like never before.  

The scanner has a wide range of restoration uses. We use these digital impressions for customizing prostheses which are the fabrication of crowns, dental bridges, implants,  dental veneers, and dentures. Our scanner is also used to fabricate the devices used in our most popular product, Invisalign. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that consists of a  series of custom-made, clear braces that cover your teeth and gently pull them into alignment over time. Unlike braces, they can be removed and because they are clear, they are not noticeable. The use of our scanner allows us to fabricate the absolute perfect fit for all restorative products.  

The advantages of having a scanner such as the one we use in our dental practice is unmeasurable when it comes to eliminating the discomfort our patients used to have before the scanners were introduced.

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