Oak Grove

Oak Grove is a small unincorporated city in Northwest Oregon. It sits along the Columbia River on the Oregon-Washington border. The best months to visit Oak Grove are July, August, and September. The least pleasant month is December. The city is located in Clackamas County, Oregon. There are many reasons why annexing Oak Grove would make sense.

Downtown Oak Grove offers a variety of unique shopping and dining options. Oak Grove Boulevard runs through the area’s most popular neighborhood, which is also where many residents choose to shop. However, parking in downtown Oak Grove can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are several residential neighborhoods and townhome communities located nearby. Most townhome complexes have been built within the past 10 years, and offer one to three-bedroom units ranging from 600 to more than a thousand square feet. Many historic buildings also offer a vintage feel.


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Oak Grove Oregon’s median property value was $355,100 in 2020. Nearly 65% of households in the city are homeowners, which is above the national average. There were about 64% of households own a car. In the city, the majority of households drove alone to work, and the average commute time was 27.4 minutes. The median number of cars per household was two.

While downtown Oak Grove has seen many changes since the late 1970s, some businesses have remained unchanged. A new coffee shop is planned for the area. In addition, construction is underway on a new Trolley Trail, which will connect the area to the Springwater Trail, which links Portland with the northwest. This will bring thousands of bicyclists to Oak Grove Boulevard every day. In the future, a new light rail line may affect the area as well. Proponents say it will re-energize the area, while opponents argue it will bring crime.

The community is located 20 minutes from downtown Portland. It has about 16,000 residents. The city was named after the grove of oak trees that grew here in the 1890s. The town was originally served by the Milwaukee post office, which later became Creighton, after the land donor. Later, the town’s railroad station was built as a landmark. The town is a great place for walking and biking.

Besides the Hot Springs, there are other things to do in Oak Grove. If you want to relax and unwind, you can try out the Timberline Lodge. The Timberline Lodge is open year-round. Alternatively, you can visit Bagby Hot Springs, which is located in Mount Hood National Forest. You can also stay in any of the many affordable Oak Grove Oregon hotels.

The city is home to many historic homes. In the past, the city was home to farms. Today, Oak Grove has a variety of housing styles and designs.

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