Portland Japanese Garden

With the recent opening of the Japanese Garden at Washington Park in Portland, Oregon, it’s become easier than ever to experience this serene oasis. The garden is located at 611 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR 97205. The gardens are open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily, and admission is free. As if discovering this hidden gem wasn’t enough, you also get to explore a real-life traditional Japanese garden. There are no other attractions like this within driving distance, so make sure you add the Portland Japanese Gardens to your itinerary if you plan on visiting soon. Even if you don’t live nearby, we recommend planning a day trip for an afternoon or overnight escape from city life.


What is a Japanese Garden?

Japanese gardens are a type of garden that take cues from their Asian culture. They are often decorated with Zen Buddhist artwork and incorporate aspects of Zen philosophy like simplicity, symmetry, and the connection between humans and nature. Like other Asian gardens, Japanese gardens are designed to mimic the elements and ancient wisdom of nature. Visitors can expect to see tranquil lakes, flowing streams, and even traditional bridges that connect islands in the garden. Japanese gardens tend to be much more serene than their European counterparts, which often feature ponds, waterfalls, and alcoves to represent a fairy-tale land. Asian gardens tend to be more minimalist, emphasizing the natural beauty of plants and elements.


Things to Do in a Japanese Garden

– Visit the Tea House – The Portland Japanese Gardens have a traditional Zen-style tea house that offers beautiful views of the garden and is a great place to relax after a busy day exploring the garden’s attractions. – Enjoy the Waterfalls – Water is an important element in a traditional Japanese garden, and you’ll find a series of waterfalls throughout the Portland Japanese Gardens. – Visit the Sake Tasting Room – The Portland Japanese Gardens are home to a sake tasting room, where guests can sample several varieties of sake or Japanese alcohol. – Grab a Bite to Eat at the onsite Restaurant – The Portland Japanese Gardens are adjacent to the Oregonian Hotel, which features a modern, Asian-inspired cafe with a variety of Asian-inspired dishes. – Get Hypnotized by the Zen Garden – The Zen garden at the Portland Japanese Gardens is a tranquil spot for meditation or for quiet reflection.

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Find the Washington Park Japanese Garden on Google Maps

The Washington Park Japanese Garden is located in Multnomah County, Oregon, at 6300 SW Canyon Rd. This is the address of the Washington Park Japanese Garden: As you might have guessed from the name, this is the location of the Washington Park Japanese Garden. If you’re visiting the Portland Japanese Gardens, finding the Washington Park Japanese Garden will be fairly easy. Just follow the signs from the Portland Japanese Gardens to the Washington Park Japanese Garden, and you’ll easily be able to find your way. If you don’t have a map or guide to help you navigate, be sure to snap a photo of the sign so you can reference it later.


Tips for Visiting the Portland Japanese Gardens

– Visit the Portland Japanese Gardens weeks before or after peak season to enjoy the garden when it isn’t as crowded. Daytime crowds are smaller and you won’t have to battle the Portland rain for a visit. – Arrive early to beat the Portland rain and make the most of your visit. – If you plan to visit both the Portland Japanese Gardens and the Portland Japanese interpretive gardens, consider visiting early in the day to avoid the rain. – If you visit the Portland Japanese Gardens, be sure to check out the Portland Japanese Garden Guide. – If you visit the Portland Japanese Gardens, be sure to snap a photo to help you navigate. – If you visit the Portland Japanese Gardens, be sure to check out the Portland Trail Map, which includes a walking tour of the city’s best sights. – If you visit the Portland Japanese Gardens, be sure to check out the Portland Bucket List, a list of things to do in Portland.

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