Progess Lake Park

Progress Lake Park Oregon is a great place to go fishing. This shallow, open-air lake is 60 feet deep and surrounded by lush gardens. The park provides many amenities, including a floating fishing platform. There are also boat rentals available. It is a beautiful place to spend the day with family and friends. It is located at 15135 SW Barrows Rd, Beaverton, OR 97007.

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The lake is deep enough to attract plenty of trout. It is likely that the bottom of the lake will form a thermocline, making it ideal for fishing during the summer months. During this period, Progress Lake is ideal for fishing. In addition to attracting trout, the lake is home to a self-sustaining brown bullhead catfish population.

Although Progress Lake is an open lake, fishing regulations allow anglers to keep a maximum of five trout per day. The trout must be 8 inches long or larger. Anglers can’t keep smaller trout, which is why the ODFW is working on stocking the pond with legal-sized fish. Bluegill and bullheads aren’t legal to keep in Progress Lake, so there’s no need to worry about catching a large number of them.

The park has a paved sidewalk above the lake, making it easy to walk around and catch fish. There is also an accessible pier for disabled anglers. This is not open to the general public, but disabled anglers can practice fishing here. Other amenities include a swimming pool and handicapped restrooms.

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