Our State Of The Art Scanner

We Are Using State Of The Art Scanner For The Comfort Of Our Patients

We are very excited to announce that we have a beautiful new scanner that will enable us to scan your teeth in a 3D format with a pen-like instrument. This is the state of the art in dentistry, and can make all of our dental services more comfortable for our patients. 

When we perform cosmetic dentistry or provide our patients with a night-guard, we must first take impressions of the teeth.  This requires the use of a material known as alginate which is an elastic, irreversible hydrocolloid impression substance. That is a fancy way of saying that we put a bunch of goop in your mouth for several minutes in order to get good impressions of your teeth.  

We then send the physical impressions over to the dental lab where they mill the crowns, implants, partials or whatever we are doing for your cosmetic dentistry.  

It is important to have exact impressions so that the materials fit properly in your mouth.  This requires the patient to be very still while the impression material is going through its hardening process.

Some patients find this very uncomfortable and some even gag on the substance.  Since patient comfort is our priority, we decided to invest in this scanner that will eliminate all of that.

With our new scanner, we simply scan the teeth with a pen like a scanner.  The digital images appear on the screen in a three-dimensional format.  This gives us the opportunity to pass the information over to the lab as quickly as sending an email. This makes it easy to get the work back from the lab quicker.  Because the scans are 3D and extremely accurate.