Founded in the late 1800s, Sherwood is a vibrant and growing city in Oregon. You can explore historic properties, shops, and antique stores in the old town. This city has a population of around 18900 people, and is one of the fastest-growing communities in Oregon. It is located 20-30 minutes from downtown Portland. The city has three major sections. Old Town is home to historic buildings, shops, and restaurants, and the newer section is home to newer developments.

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Sherwood has a great reputation as one of the best suburbs to raise a family. The city boasts 4 elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. Its high school has a 92% graduation rate. Additionally, the city has a low crime rate. In fact, it has consistently been considered one of the safest towns in Oregon. Its crime rate is just 1.3%, and violent crimes, such as murder, aggravated assault, and forcible rape, are rare.

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Sherwood is a growing community. Its population is largely young, with an average household size of 2.80 persons. This is lower than the statewide and Washington County average of 2.51. The median age of residents is 32.1 years old. Its housing units are mostly owner-occupied. Among the other amenities of this community, the town has a thriving farmers market, a 15000 square foot Center for the Arts, and many festivals throughout the year.

Sherwood has a variety of places to eat. You can pick up a coffee at Dutch Bros Coffee in the morning or go out for brunch at Clancy’s on the weekends. If you have a sweet tooth, try out one of the many dessert shops in Sherwood. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for burgers and tacos, you can also stop at Burger King, Herb Cellar, or Pizza Hut.

Sherwood is a vibrant community that has a great mix of both urbanity and old-world charm. The town is home to the annual Robin Hood festival, an arts and crafts fair, and music exhibitions. The community is also very horse-friendly. There are many riding classes and equestrian neighborhoods throughout Sherwood.

A number of ancient oaks are found in Sherwood. Major Oak is one of them, and was called the “Cockpen Tree” until the mid-1700s. It has been called the Major Oak since then and has undergone conservation efforts since 1908. The Major Oak is believed to be a thousand years old, weighs 23 tons, and has a trunk circumference of 33 feet (ten meters). In addition, the Major Oak is home to several smaller oaks as well, and has branches of 92 feet (28m) long.

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The town also has several parks and green spaces. Veteran’s Park is a popular gathering place for locals and is surrounded by large trees. The park is also home to a playground and picnic tables. Other parks include Caplinger Park, Burdock Park, and Oregon Trail Park. Some parks have restrooms, a basketball court, and open lawn areas. For families, the town’s parks and playgrounds offer a great place to spend time with children.

Sherwood hosts the Sherwood Robin Hood Festival annually in July. The festivities include a variety of entertainment, from live music to interactive performances. A large number of local artists and performers participate, and a wide variety of arts and crafts are on sale. There is also plenty of food, and the Beer/Wine/Cider Garden provides a variety of beverages. You can also take your kids to the festival for a day of fun and entertainment.

The county’s forests were once home to prehistoric humans. In the ninth century, the region became an agricultural area. Initially referred to as the “birch lund”, this area was used by Viking hunters. Later, farming communities started to settle the area, and the area is now home to many Scandinavian, Danish, and Roman villages.

Another important aspect to consider when searching for a new home in Sherwood is the neighborhood. Ideally, you should find a neighborhood with no identical houses and one with a decent amount of parking. If you don’t like the idea of neighbors with cars, you should consider another neighborhood.