Zoom Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening and What to Expect From Professional Results

Here at the dental office of  TruDentistry of Tigard, we use a teeth whitening system called Zoom!  Zoom is one of the most popular systems for whitening teeth among dental professionals.

This system uses hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel and an activator. These two components are mixed together in the exact proportions for maximum effectiveness.

The procedure uses a mercury metal halide light that activates the Zoom teeth whitening components. The use of the mixture in combination with this violet light is what gives this product a superior tooth bleaching performance.

The light unit has a built-in infrared filter. This filter greatly minimizes the amount of heat that would otherwise hit the surface of the teeth during the whitening process.

When the light is strategically placed, it is capable of whitening both the upper and bottom teeth at the same time.

The most up to date version of this advanced power lite has 2 times more effective than other units that are similar. This advanced power lite system has been proven to cause less sensitivity as well.

This teeth whitening service will take about 90 minutes for the entire treatment. The procedure is broken into a 3 part process with each application lasting about 20 minutes. The remaining 30 minutes is used for the preliminary and the post part of the treatment.

The first step in this treatment is for the doctor to determine your pre-whitening shade. The dentist can isolate teeth with a dental dam if necessary. The application of the whitening gel and activator is administered to the surface of the teeth. The power light is then used for about 20 minutes. This process is repeated two more times.

Once the three sessions are complete, the teeth are then washed thoroughly and the whitening gel is completely removed from the surface of the teeth.

A neutral sodium fluoride gel is then applied to the teeth which prevent any sensitivity to hot or cold items.

The patient will be given a tray and whitening product to be used at home along with instructions so that they can maintain the whitening process between visits. The patient will also receive instructions for follow-up.

The Zoom! Teeth whitening system is safe and effective and performed with calibrated accuracy. The results are extraordinary and will give you a cosmetically pleasing result.

Other Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth Whitening With Our Custom Trays

Now if you do not have the time to spend in our dental office, then we can still make the custom trays for you that you can take home. This makes it easy for you to whiten your teeth at your convenience. This will also bring your cost down.

Waiting Room Teeth Whitening

The waiting room whitener is another great teeth whitening option for that big boost in brightening up your smile. If you already have your custom trays, then one of our staff members can apply a very strong, 45% bleaching gel into your trays and you can comfortably sit in our reception area and relax, or just go for a walk, run some errands, and come back in an hour. We will remove the trays and clean off the gel. This waiting room service is only $78.00

Please call us or stop by our office and let us help you with which of these options will best serve you.

Special Teeth Whitening Gift

When you purchase the ZOOM Teeth Whitening system from us, you will receive a special gift. The “On the Go” teeth whitening bleaching pen. This is a $30.00 value and our gift to you. This is a great, handy little accessory that will allow to do quick touch-ups on the go.

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