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Tigard, Oregon is a small town located in the Pacific Northwest. The town grew from a railroad stop to a small town in about a century. In 1915, the population was about 300. At that time, the town was called East Butte. In the following years, the population began to rise, and the town grew into a thriving business community. In 1916, the Johnson family founded the Tigard Lumber Co., which became a successful company and created new jobs. In the same year, the city’s first newspaper was published.

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The city has a pleasant climate. It receives 41 inches of rain annually, and summer temperatures are generally cool. The average household size is 2.5 people. Although Tigard is the 12th largest city in Oregon, it has a small town feel. It has a good school system and plenty of jobs. For those who don’t want to have a car for transportation, there are plenty of options within a reasonable drive.

The city’s diverse economy makes it an excellent choice for those looking to raise a family. It also has one of the best parks in the state. With miles of trails and parks, the city is a great place to take the family for a hike. The city also has a vibrant arts and culture scene around downtown. In addition, the annual festival is an exciting event to attend. The diversity of activities in Tigard makes it a great place to live for the whole family.

The city of Tigard is located in the Tualatin Valley in Washington County. This region was once home to the Atfalati tribe, a northern band of the Kalapuya. The descendants of this group today belong to the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde. In the 1850s, white settlers began to settle the area and organized the Twality District and Provisional Government. In 1852, Wilson McClendon Tigard established the first school in the area.

The city was incorporated as a city in 1961. It grew largely due to the Oregon Electric Railway. In 1907, the railroad built a depot near the Tigardville General Store. The station was originally named North Tigardville but was later renamed Tigard. The station had a general store and meat market. The town also boasted a blacksmith shop. The town’s main street was paved in the 1930s.

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The cost of living in Tigard is higher than the Oregon average. The cost of housing and local transportation are higher than in neighboring cities, but health insurance and city utilities are lower. The average home price is $415,000, and rents a one-bedroom home for an average of $1272 a month. Tigard is also considered a safe city to live in, with crime rates 15% lower than in other areas of the state. The neighborhoods with the lowest crime rates include Bull Mountains, River Terrance, and Garden Home.

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