Washington Park

Washington Park is a small town located at 4033 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, OR 97221. Nearby cities include Prineville and Lake Oswego, while Mt. Hood, the Cascades, and the Blue Mountains are all nearby as well. There are plenty of things to do when you’re visiting this part of Oregon, but if you’re looking for something a little more secluded, Washington Park should be your top choice. This small community holds some incredible hikes with old-growth forests and spectacular views of Mt. Bachelor and more. These 5 favorite places in Washington Park will help you get to know this special place better!


Washington Park Meadows

Washington Park Meadows is a huge recreational area located right in the center of Washington Park. This space is a goldmine of activities, whether you’re camping, hiking, picnicking, or practicing your sports skills. The Meadows has several picnic areas, a large open field for games, a two-court sports complex, and a skateboard park. There’s also a pavilion for gatherings, plus a trailhead for Cascade Mountain, with a variety of hiking trails that crisscross the area. During the springtime, the Meadows is a great place to see wildflowers. If you visit in mid-spring, you can also see a few Tulips, which only bloom during the month of March.


Washington Park Campground

To experience what it’s like to be in a real Oregon forest, try hiking to the top of Washington Park’s forested ridgeline. The springtime, is a great time to see wildflowers. While hiking in the park, you may also notice a campground on top of the ridge. This is the Washington Park Campground. The campground is nestled among beautiful old-growth forests and offers a secluded yet convenient location for camping. You can stake out a spot in one of the five campsites and even tie up a horse if you want to leave the city for a day. Each site has a picnic table and a fire ring, making camping in this park a perfect summer experience. During the spring, you can see wildflowers below the campground, while in the summer you’ll have a great view of Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood.

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Out & Back Trail: Hike to the Summit and Back

The best way to experience the wonders of the Cascades is with a hike up to the summit of one of the nearby mountains. We recommend the Mount Bachelor Trail, which takes you all the way to the summit of Mt. Bachelor. If you have the time and the energy, we highly recommend climbing Mt. Hood, too. These two hikes are the perfect way to see Oregon’s beautiful Cascades from a new perspective. If you want to save both of these hikes for later in the summer, be sure to visit in late July or early August when the trees are less dense and the hike is less crowded. If you visit in the middle of summer, you’ll see a small portion of the Hood later in the hike.


Watch for Wildflowers: Springtime in Washington Park

Springtime in Washington Park is a magical time to visit. The grass is a lush green and wildflowers are in bloom all over the city park. Wildflowers in Washington Park include varieties such as daisies, serviceberries, and trilliums, making this a great time to see some of the park’s more common species, like the Oregon grape and the Cascade lily. This is also a great time to spot wildlife like ospreys, gray squirrels, and birds! If you visit in the spring, be sure to check out the Meadows and pay attention to the flowering plants around you. If you like flowers, you will enjoy our next article



The Washington Park area of Oregon is a special part of the state that is filled with natural beauty and great outdoor activities. When you visit, make sure to check out Washington Park Meadows and the Washington Park Campground, both of which are located in the forested ridgeline of the city park. You can also hike to the summit of the ridge for an incredible view of the Cascades. When you are in the area, be sure to hike along the Cascade Locks Trail, which is a great way to see some of the park’s more common species, like the Oregon grape and the Cascade lily.